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Lost Species – Atlantic Salmon

Silviculture – Secret life of trees

Silviculture – How Japan saved it’s Forests

Wildlife – Canadian Ash Borer

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Curbing Climate Change

Canada & International Emissions

Fighting Climate Change

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Forestry Terms:

Privately Owned – 75% of all Nova Scotia forest land is privately owned.

Canopy – The foliar cover in a forest stand consisting of one or several layers.

Stand Density – A measure of the degree of crowding of trees within stocked forested areas.

Silviculture – The theory and practice of controlling forest establishment, composition, structure
and growth.

Shade Tolerance – The ability of a tree to regenerate and maintain health and vigor under shaded
conditions. Very tolerant trees can grow in dense shade.

Forest Stand – A group of trees occupying a specific area and sufficiently uniform in composition,
age and condition,so that it is distinguishable from the adjoining forested area.

Shade Intolerance – The inability of a tree to maintain health and vigor under shade. Intolerant trees
require full sunlight to maintain vigorous growth.


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